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Pedicure Menu

​Express Spa Pedicure - 27

This is an in-and-out pedicure. It includes a little of everything: nail trimming, shaping, and buffing. We treat your lower legs and feet with mint scrub which exfoliates your skin. We finish it off with a light massage with hot towels wrap * **

 ~ 15-20 min.

heavenly signature Spa - 38

(not available at Publix location)

This is our best-selling pedicure. We apply callus removal to soften your heels.It offers everything from our Spa pedicure and more. It includes hot stones and more massage with an extensive collection of our selective scents * **

~25-30 min.


  1. Lavender

  2. Mandarin

  3. Green Tea

  4. Mint & Eucalyptus

  5. Cucumber


Luxurious VOESH / CODI Spa - 45

Introducing our best-valued pedicure.  Pamper yourself with this luxurious aroma pedicure in which each individual box comes with sea salt soak, moisture scrub, mud masque, and massaging lotion with hot stones that quenches, restores, and reverses the sign of aging * **

 ~ 40-45 min.

1. Relaxing lavender

2. Premium Olive

3. Cooling Cucumber

4. Refreshing Peppermint

5. Soothing Jasmine

Plus seasonal scents


NEW Volcano Spa - 65

Our luxurious VIP pedicure: Bubbling and fizzing with detox volcano crystals, exfoliating sugar scrub in the skin for a more vibrant appearance. Applying collagen cream mask with hot stones and massaging collagen lotion into the skin for a silky soft feeling. Finished with collagen socks / Volcano Vitamin Socks to nourish and moisturize feet bringing comfort and softness. There are 5 classic and seasonal scents available * **

 ~ 55-60 min.


1. ​Lavender Eruption

2. Honey Pearl

3. Romance

4. Green Tea

5. Tropical

6. Orange (new)


Additional fifteen minutes massage - 20

** Additional Gel application - 15

Buff cream - 5

note: Due to shortage of raw materials, some of our favorite scents is temporarily discontinued

Natural nails

Manicure 18 

Buff Cream Manicure 20

Polish change: Hands/Feet 12/15 

Kids Menu 10 Years Old & Younger 

Princess/Prince Pedicure 24

Princess/Prince Manicure 12

Polish change: Hands/Feet 9/9 

Addition Services: 

French /Buff Cream 5/5

Design 15-50

Cut Down 15-20

Soak Off Gel,Dip /Acrylic 15-30

Collagen Sock/Gloves 15


Nails Enhancements 

Ombre Full-Set 65+

Ombre Fill 55+

Pink White Full-Set w/Gel 60+
Pink White Fill-in w/Gel 50+

Pink Fill w/Gel 40+

Liquid Gel Full-set 60+

Liquid Gel Fill-in 50+

Color Acrylic Full-set 60+

Color Acrylic Fill-in 50+

Shellac Full-set 55+

Shellac Fill-in 45+

Shellac Manicure 35+

Shellac French Manicure 40+

Shellac Polish change Hands/Feet 30/30+

Dip Powder SNS Manicure 45+

Dip Powder SNS Fullset 55+



Temporary: lips, chin, cheek, and face wax are not available

Eyebrow 12+

Upper Lip/Lower Lip 6-8+

Chin 10+

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